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Terms and Conditions


Standard terms and conditions of rental
The Lessor mentioned overleaf in the following called AUTORENT.BG, hereby rents vehicle identifi ed overleaf to Renter subject to the essence of the agreement.

Delivery and Return
The vehicle is delivered to the Renter in good overall condition and without apparent defects and any complaints as to its condition must be made to the Lessor immediately on delivery. The Renter agrees to return it with all documents and accessories and in such condition to the Lessor at the location and on the date designated in this agreement. The Lessor reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time without demand at Renter’s expense if vehicle is used in violation of this agreement.

Damage, Loss, Theft etc.
In the event of damages to or loss or theft of the vehicle or parts of it, including fi re and breakage of window the Renter must, irrespective of his or the driver’s fault, pay to the Lessor the amount of all resulting loss and expenses of the Lessor (including but not limited to replacement or recovery costs, repair costs, compensation for decline in value and loss of the rental fee), if the Renter or the driver violated these Standard Terms and Conditions of Rental, any legal provisions (also customs regulations) or insurance regulations. As loss of revenue, the Lessor may charge a compensation corresponding to the rental charge, including a daily charge for at least 100 km, until the day the vehicle or a replacement vehicle will again be available to the Lessor. The liability of the Renter in case of damages or theft may be limited, if the renter accepts Loss Damage Waiver according to Clause 10 by signing his initials in the space ‘‘Accept’’ on the front page, provided that the Renter complies in all other respects with the terms and conditions of this Rental Agreement.

Renter shall pay any charges shown on the front page or mentioned in the current tariffs.

The Lessor is only responsible for loss or damage suffered by Renter or Third Parties , in connection with the renting or the use of

the rented car, where such loss or damage was caused intentionally or though gross negligence on its part. In all other cases, the Lessor cannot accept any such liability and renter shall hold the Lessor harmless against such claims.

Conditions of Use
The Renter is expected to look after the vehicle carefully and in particular not allow it to be used:

  • to carry persons or property for hire, except in the case of trucks and vans;
  • to propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object;
    in any race, test or contest;
  • while customer or any other driver of vehicle is under the infl uence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, or any other substance impairing his consciousness or ability to react;
  • in contravention of any customs, traffi c or other regulations;
    by any person other than Renter unless such person has been previously designated and authorized by the Lessor in the space provided on the front page of this agreement or is an employee of the Renter’s company who has held a clean driving license for at least one year and is meeting the Lessors minimum age requirements;
  • outside the country of rental unless otherwise pre-authorized by written permission of the Lessor;
    in geographical areas which have been defined by the Lessor as restricted ones.

The Lessor provides insurance coverage for persons using vehicle with its permission (and not otherwise) in accordance with an automobile liability insurance policy, which is available for inspection.

Accidents, Thefts
In case of an accident (with or without damage to the vehicle) and in case of any personal injuries, the police must be called to the scene of the event and Renter must insist on obtaining a written report (Protocol) from the Traffi c Police (KAT). In case of theft of the vehicle or parts of it, renter must report this to the police and obtain a Police report and forward it to the Lessor. Any accident or damage or loss or theft of the vehicle must be reported to the Lessor immediately. Upon request of the Lessor , an accident report must be completed. Renter must secure all data of all other parties as well as any witnesses in order to complete the aforesaid accident report. Under no circumstances, claims by third parties must be accepted by the Renter . The Renter is obliged to assist the Lessor and / or its insurance companies in all claims or legal affairs in connection with an accident or any damage. These responsibilities of the Renter shall apply accordingly in case of theft. If the Penter violates any of these regulations, especially if no Accident Report can be presented to the Lessor, even an accepted and paid Loss Damage Waiver may not release him (her) from indemnities.

Personal Data
The Renter acknowledges that person – related data to this rental agreement will de automated processed. He agrees expressly that these data can be communicated to third parties, especially for credit protection purposes.

Site of Court, Jurisdiction
The agreement should be in accordance with the laws of the country of residence of the Lessor and all disputes which may arise out of or in connection with this agreement shall fall within the non – exclusive jurisdiction of either the court having responsibility for such matters at the capital of the country of residence of the Lessor or at the Lessor’s sole election, the law and the courts of the country of residence of the Renter.

Loss Damage Waiver
By signing his initials in the space ‘‘Accept’’ on the front page , the Renter assumes the obligation to payment of supplementary fees in accordance with currently valid price lists. Otherwise in case of damages to or loss or theft of the vehicle or parts of it, liability in accordance with Clause 2 of these Standard Terms and Conditions of Rental. Loss Damage Waiver does not exempt from liability in case of grossly negligent or deliberate contravention of the rental conditions, legal regulations or Insurance Conditions. NON WAIVABLE EXCESS: In the event of theft or damage to the AUTORENT.BG vehicle an excess charge of $ 150 will be applied to the customer regardless of whether LDW / TP is accepted or declined.

Personal accident Cover
By his initial Renter agrees to pay an additional fee as per valid price lists. Hereby Renter acquires a personal accident coverage shown as per valid price lists.

Extension of rental period
If Renter wishes to prolong the rental period of the Vehicle, he has to contract AUTORENT.BG within 48 hours before the initial expiration time of the rental to obtain permission for the additional rental period. Failing to do so will make Renter liable civilly for illegal use and possession of the Vehicle. In case of extension Renter shall be bound by the terms and conditions agreed by AUTORENT.BG or in respect of any replacement Vehicle rented in lieu ‘‘of the Vehicle’’.

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